#Moderates threaten to trigger by-elections. Oh do. Please do

Don’t think I’d lose much sleep, bring it on.


According to the Times, laughably-termed ‘moderates’ in the Labour Party are threatening an ‘exodus’ of what are supposed to be ‘potentially damaging by-elections’. Here’s how the Times announced it on Twitter:

times exodus tweetAnd in the article:

times exodusAccording to the Times, a group of mostly worn-out old ‘moderates’ are ready to step down to trigger by-elections they hope will punish Labour members for wanting to remove some of their bright (seriously) young allies via that dread word, ‘deselection’:

The insider said: “Any attempt by the hard left to increase their stranglehold over the party will backfire. There are a number of older MPs who are serving their last term and were planning to stand down before the snap general election who would be prepared to go, triggering by-elections. In marginal seats, that could be particularly damaging to the leadership.”

In other words, “If you lefties try to get rid of us, we’ll…

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Now is the time to fight for our very lives. #paulapeters2 #GE15

Problem is a lot of people think “it will never happen to me”.

Social Action 2014

There are none so blind who refuse to see. To those who say the closure to this service or the cuts to the welfare state do not affect me why worry about it, these cuts somewhere along the line will affect you.
Please, make a note of this by the end of 2014 60 per cent of the cuts have yet to be implemented, people are really suffering with 40 per cent o the cuts inmplemented,
Now imagaine 100 per cent of the cuts implemented.
Rough sleeping up in London 64 per cent this year, 64 per cent,
1 million people, men, women and children are using a foodbank. NOW.
This is no lie this is not scaremongering, its fact!
I know you are all scared, and thinking fighting back is pointless. I am scared too.
I have said this numerous times, countless times millions of times

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